My Garage

I have a large stable of broken cars. Like most car guys I have a compulsion to just by a car whenever a deal comes along. I currently own 4 cars.

Cars I own:

  • First car on my list is my first car I have ever owned. My 92′ Acura Legend. It currently does not run and is awaiting an engine transplant.

    92' Acura Legend Sedan

    My first car

  • Second car on my list is my 03′ Acura TL Type S. It has been my ultra reliable daily for the past 2 years. Practically no maintenance needed.
    My Acura TL

    My Acura TL

  • Third car is my red rusty 90′ Mazda Miata. Bought it not running. I swapped a motor in it and it runs… kinda.

    90 Mazda Miata

    Favorite Pic of the Car

  • Fourth car is my 99′ Subaru Legacy Outback. I have probably done the most amount of work to this vehicle. In the quest to get it to cross the 200,000 mile marker I have replaced the motor 3 times and have pulled it about a dozen times.

    200k Mile Subaru

    200k Mile Subaru